Delinquent Blog Posts…. My Bad

So apparently I have been really really REALLY bad about posting recent sessions (going back a whole year – GASP!)  That changes today.  Please pardon the super long stream of photos from the past year.  Part I……

{Sweet sweet growing family}


{This is my Happy Dance}

Milt3 Milt2 Milt1

{Shameless post of my very own babes}


{Some of our Besties{
Also, this is my very favorite time of day to shoot – right before sunset.  Let me know if you’d be interested in booking this type of session!

LeClair5 LeClair3 LeClair2LeClair4 LeClair1

{Precious Sisters}

Mundinger1Mundinger3 Mundinger2

Delinquent Blog Posts…. My Bad

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